Where are we with Wedgewood – webinar recap

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Launched in November of 2020, Wedgewood Sandton presented an opportunity unlike anything Sandton has seen. Balwin Properties redefined apartment living in this opulent city with their latest choice of Balwin Lifestyle Apartments that are breaking the barrier to entry in the property market. In our latest webinar, we discussed vital points around the progress of the development.

Construction commences
We’re thrilled to share that construction of Wedgewood Sandton will begin as early as the 1st April 2021, with the bulk earthworks to kick things off. Following the progression of construction, we anticipate a sleek show unit to be available soon to view which will give future residents a feel for their new home. Potential homebuyers will also have the opportunity to come through and experience the full home experience before opting to purchase.

Going green
Balwin Properties are pioneering green developments throughout the country with over 16 000 Edge-certified apartments registered. Being environmentally conscious and focused on sustainability, Wedgewood Sandton has adopted an eco-friendly approach by showcasing solar power energy, reduced window to wall ratio, energy saving light fitting, prepaid meters for electricity and water, as well as natural ventilation to enhance your Balwin Lifestyle Apartment. As a unique introduction, each Wedgewood Sandton Lifestyle Apartment will have a private balcony where a vertically landscaped green wall introduces an element of green on every level.

Smart design
With intelligent design and unique perspective, Balwin Properties’ professional partners have taken this development to the next level with their insight into apartment living. These open-plan Balwin Lifestyle Apartments use natural light to their advantage, allowing residents to stay connected to the city. Your living room and kitchen will overlook the dynamic, city scape while your bedroom will be situated towards your front door in order to create a darker, more restful space that allows less light into this space, giving you an optimal environment to suit your lifestyle.

It goes without saying that Wedgewood Sandton is moving along swiftly and in a short space of time. Watch the webinar to learn more about Wedgewood Sandton and how you can be part of this significant development in the heart of Sandton